Cannon Basketball 3 Game

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Cannon Basketball 3 HTML5 Game

Cannon Basketball 3

Cannon Basketball 3 is a ball-shooting game inspired by basketball sport but incorporates other additions based on physical principles. The goal of this game is to shoot the ball into the basket.
You will be given a lot of balls to accomplish the goal, the number of balls provided unlimited. You have two options to play in this game: easy level with 15 levels and difficulty level with 30 levels. Each level is different challenges bring interesting experiences for you. Playing 15 levels in an easy-to-play level will help you practice your shooting skills, determine where to shoot and how to shoot so the ball can enter the basket. After your skills and experience increase, you can play hard levels. Or if you like to try your best you can also play hard levels always. In it there will be stars, collect stars to score better.

Cannon Basketball 3

Adjust the gun from left to right, find the right angle to shoot, adjust the energy to shoot the ball far or near. It is possible to shoot the ball at the wooden sticks fixed at one end, the other can float, shoot at it to form a path for the ball to move. Maybe shooting the ball into the lock to open the door in the basketball basket. Or shoot the ball into the box blocks, spheres … all of which are to help your ball into the basket.